In the start of the game you will get free armour from the quests to start off with

after you reach level 30 you will have to gather these yourself wich can be done in a few different ways.

You can do dungeons or heavenly peak or just buy them in the trading post, but how do you know what

would be a good armour for you? Well we will tell you here what you need to know!


There are a few kinds of qualities used there is:

  • white :    common its the lowest quality and gives the lowest basic stats you can get
  • green:      uncommon its the 2nd lowest quality and gives a bit higher basic stats
  • blue:        rare its gives good basic stats
  • purple:     epic and gives really good basic stats and alot of players would pay well for this
  • legendary: you cant get this as a drop can only be player made except for the legendary weapon you get at level70

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