This game is Kung fu and China based. A great action-packed MMORPG. Free to play, no download.

There are three classes: Warrior, Sword Dancer and Healer, and a assasin class is to be expected to be released

Warrior: Has high HP and high hit rates.

Sword Dancer: Very elegant and moves swiftly and crits are his specialty

Healer: As you know; the healer. You can heal yourself and your team, and even resurect teammates.

The games mechanics are fairly easy to learn and get into, the game plays a lot on auto-pilot,

allowing you to progress without having to do a lot of work.

You're able to quickly level up through the games quests which have an auto-walk system,

when youre out of quests you can use the AFK system to still gain experience without

having to do anything and by co-operating someone else even gain more experience.

So basicly this is really a game for people that do not want to have to actively play the game

for hours to grind or fight to get what they want but more for the players that just want to sit back

and relax and enjoy a easy and fun game because thats what this game is!

Yitien chronicles warrior